Full Body Fat Burner and Dumbbell Workout | 18 Minutes | The Body Coach

Lots of people have asked me for more workouts that use dumbbells, so here it is.

This one combines cardio moves with dumbbells, for a full body workout.

Let me know what you think in the comments below:


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  1. SMIDI hana
    SMIDI hana
    , -0001-11-30

    Just wanted to say how you saved my life. I was so overweight ( and I’m super short btw ) that i couldn’t walk more than 5min without being out of breath. I’ve been following your advices for 3 months now and lost over 18kgs…..Before knowing you I’ve spent years going from a doctor to another and nobody helped me the way you did. I’m being emotional writing this but really thank you from the bottom of my heart. !!

  2. Murray Blyth
    Murray Blyth
    , -0001-11-30

    Excellent challenge thanks for keeping up with me Joe! Ha! I love the HIIT bodyweight plus free weights or kettle bells mix! Keep them coming…

  3. Cathy Friend
    Cathy Friend
    , -0001-11-30

    Love the cardio weights combo. Thank you. More please. 🙂

  4. Pamela G Tunggal
    Pamela G Tunggal
    , -0001-11-30

    LOVE this HIIT/weight combi!!! Please do more!!!

  5. Ecklipze
    , -0001-11-30

    Love the HIIT and weight combo workouts! More more more please 🙂

  6. Ferris Ferris
    Ferris Ferris
    , -0001-11-30

    Just like my HIIT/strength series. My favourite kind of training

  7. Hayley Merrick
    Hayley Merrick
    , -0001-11-30

    Love this workout! I love the combination of weights and cardio…. my fav! Can we have more, maybe slightly longer?!! (Am I mad?!)

  8. Munchausenification
    , -0001-11-30

    why not something you can do at work?

  9. KindOld Geezer
    KindOld Geezer
    , -0001-11-30

    joe? do ya have to wear diapers when you do these O^ :

  10. Jaimie Rimell
    Jaimie Rimell
    , -0001-11-30

    Great morning g workout 😧 thanks Joe 🔩💪😘

  11. Gienette meredith
    Gienette meredith
    , -0001-11-30

    Fab, loved it. Really like the combination of both.

  12. Fit What?
    Fit What?
    , -0001-11-30

    Thanks for this nice killing workout!!

  13. Andria p
    Andria p
    , -0001-11-30

    Did it again. It is amazing.

  14. Emma  B
    Emma B
    , -0001-11-30

    great workout thank you Joe. like the variety of cardio and weights​. cheers x

  15. Deidre Jordan
    Deidre Jordan
    , -0001-11-30

    Great workout, thank you!

  16. Claire French
    Claire French
    , -0001-11-30

    Great workout. Two rounds of exercises and like the cardio/weight combination. More please!

  17. Tom Mckevitt
    Tom Mckevitt
    , -0001-11-30

    Loving this one

  18. Louis Puttick
    Louis Puttick
    , -0001-11-30

    Excellent HIIT JW, found the crab twists didn’t get my heart rate up as much as the rest though. Timings were great at 30/30 though and good length of workout 👍🙌😁

  19. Inigo566
    , -0001-11-30

    great workout thxs but the audio seems different on this one flat sounding , anyway thxs again.

  20. Robyn O
    Robyn O
    , -0001-11-30

    this was awesome, thanks Joe

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Comments are closed.