Dumbbell Shoulder Burning Workout | The Body Coach

Try this naughty little dumbbell shoulder workout.


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  1. Carmen Domenech
    Carmen Domenech
    , -0001-11-30

    Hello Joe! I did your beginners HIIT yesterday and I’m about to try these shoulder exercises. Do you think you could post a general arms, shoulders and chest workout? Something to tick all the boxes in one session?

    • Radovan Bekic
      Radovan Bekic
      , -0001-11-30

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    • dldl
      , -0001-11-30

      Check out Fitness Blender on YouTube. They have great workouts x

  2. noureen asghar
    noureen asghar
    , -0001-11-30

    hi Joe I received your book can’t wait to use it.

  3. Jamie Seward
    Jamie Seward
    , -0001-11-30

    great video!. this guy really know what he’s on about. love the lean in 15. good work Joe keep it up.

  4. dmballadon
    , -0001-11-30

    Hi Joe,

    Amazing work out, thanks! Do you think you show us a chest workout that is similar? that doesn’t require a lot but builds a big chest? Just got your book too, big thumbs up!

  5. Sharon Steed
    Sharon Steed
    , -0001-11-30

    Just discovered you (must’ve had my head in the sand) & now have your #Leanin15 book. Feeling inspired : Do you have any back workouts?

  6. Lucy Day
    Lucy Day
    , -0001-11-30

    just got the dumbbells out to do a work out when my phone buzzes with your new video now I’m about to do the Shoulder Burner! thanks Joe that was good timing x

  7. Michelle Rasmussen
    Michelle Rasmussen
    , -0001-11-30


  8. Harriet Sims
    Harriet Sims
    , -0001-11-30

    Great video! Can you do a similar video to this for chest and back? Unless you’ve got one already.. Haha thankssss

    • dldl
      , -0001-11-30

      Yeah, chest and back please Joe! There’s so much out there for legs and booty but not so many upper body workouts

  9. Mark Milward
    Mark Milward
    , -0001-11-30

    Can you add a few burners for the chest and biceps please 👍

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Comments are closed.