25 Minute Holiday Fat Burner | The Body Coach

I love working out when I'm on holiday! You get to train in some lovely places and you get a proper sweat on.

Give this one a go, you don't need any equipment and you can do it anywhere. In fact, you don't even need to be on holiday you can do this at home, the gym, in the park or at the office.

4 exercises:

High Knees with Punches
Push Up Jacks
Power Squats
6 Mountain Climbers with Burpee

40 seconds work – 20 seconds rest. Repeat 6 times.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And please like and share if you enjoyed it.

Let's get #LeanIn15


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  1. Emma Hopkinson
    Emma Hopkinson
    , -0001-11-30

    I got tired just watching this. Makes me feel happy to know that as fit as he is, he still gets tired quickly. Makes me more likely to do this as well even though I won’t haha

  2. Rohan Patgiri
    Rohan Patgiri
    , -0001-11-30

    Really love your workouts

    , -0001-11-30

    Just did this workout in 26 degree heat in Kefalonia, Greece!! did the job Joe 🙂

  4. Violet Nightblue
    Violet Nightblue
    , -0001-11-30

    So happy I found your channel. Please PLEASE Keep up the good work! I know many people will be thankful for you videos. You are going to change lives.

  5. katherine green
    katherine green
    , -0001-11-30


  6. Bethany-Grace O
    Bethany-Grace O
    , -0001-11-30

    That was brutal!! Kept going though thanks to your motivation! Thank you Joe!

  7. Sherye Miller
    Sherye Miller
    , -0001-11-30

    Phewwww sweating xx actually got sick in my mouth on round 5 x

  8. sarah turner
    sarah turner
    , -0001-11-30


  9. Manjit Dhariwal
    Manjit Dhariwal
    , -0001-11-30


  10. matt David
    matt David
    , -0001-11-30

    The body coach I both hate you and love you for this one 😉

  11. Bryony Sharp
    Bryony Sharp
    , -0001-11-30

    Brutal! Felt great when I finished it though, keep the workouts coming 💪🏻

  12. Alice Carter
    Alice Carter
    , -0001-11-30

    struggling susan! im dead.

  13. Joe Howarth
    Joe Howarth
    , -0001-11-30

    Toughest HIIT yet in my opinion, feel great now though!

    • Nikki
      , -0001-11-30

      I agree

  14. Alice Murray
    Alice Murray
    , -0001-11-30

    Was so close to quitting until he promised to whip his top and shorts off. SOLD.

    • Aileen Lopez
      Aileen Lopez
      , -0001-11-30

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  15. Masuma Begum
    Masuma Begum
    , -0001-11-30

    Did this right now in the garage n omg! why paybfor sean t insanity wen we have joe wicks!! love this dude ur an inspiration!

  16. Finula Crowe
    Finula Crowe
    , -0001-11-30

    Very tough but worth staying till the end…. ha ha

  17. nightflower
    , -0001-11-30

    that’s killer man. I gave up after the warm up. I’ll try again tomorrow lol

  18. Shashi
    , -0001-11-30

    Croatia is very beautiful. And also the best wine and friendly people. Love it.

  19. Shaffi Sha
    Shaffi Sha
    , -0001-11-30

    it’s very effective workout dude

  20. Cocoabine
    , -0001-11-30

    Three out of four of these are tough!

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Comments are closed.