20 Minute Fat Burning HIIT & Abs Workout | Home HIIT

Try this awesome fat burner that combines HIIT with a focus on the abs.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And please like and share if you enjoyed it.

2 rounds | 10 exercises | 40 seconds work | 20 seconds rest

High Knees
Up Down Plank
Bicycle Crunches
Mountain Climbers
Leg Raises
Lunge Jumps
Ab Crunches
Press Ups
Heel Touches

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  1. Sid Veecious
    Sid Veecious
    , -0001-11-30

    i’m a new subscriber here, i’m gonna start doing this workout at home! how many times a week do you recommend i should do? thanks!

    • Olivia Young
      Olivia Young
      , -0001-11-30

      Sid Veecious that’s awesome!! Start with maybe twice, work your way up and add in a bit of strength training once you get stronger(:

    • Vulpes Inculta
      Vulpes Inculta
      , -0001-11-30

      depends on how fit you are. i’m by no means a sports expert but i think as a beginner you shouldn’t overdo. maybe i’m wrong but to me it seems 4-5 training per week is too much for beginners. at least it was for me it was when i started i felt very tired and my legs or whatever part i’ve trained weren’t ready again the next day. it’s probably also not bad to vary the exercises.

    • Mati Shaw
      Mati Shaw
      , -0001-11-30

      I personally would add in some hiit session that work on strenght & conditioning I.e. legs/core to give you more strength for running.
      Ido boxing so a lot of this is perfect for me

    • Mark Whiteley
      Mark Whiteley
      , -0001-11-30

      +Finula Crowe Thanks a lot Finnula that sounds a sensible way forward I will give it a try.  Best of luck to you too

    • Finula Crowe
      Finula Crowe
      , -0001-11-30

      +Mark Whiteley I’m doing same and was advised to reduce to two long runs and 3 HiiTs as you need two rest days but I am doing a bit more than that and it’s fine. It didn’t impact my last hlf marathon time… Good luck!

  2. Abie Duke
    Abie Duke
    , -0001-11-30

    Love that he’s just as puffed out as you are not like the DVDs where they have full makeup on and barely sweat! 👍🏼

    • Fay Lawrence
      Fay Lawrence
      , -0001-11-30

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    • Fay Lawrence
      Fay Lawrence
      , -0001-11-30

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      Fay Lawrence
      , -0001-11-30

      Abie Duke

    • Darren Riding
      Darren Riding
      , -0001-11-30

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  3. Prefitness
    , -0001-11-30

    did this this morning my god had to take 5 minutes out looking at the ceiling to recover haha! love that he has to take little breaks too shows us that were all human and can break

  4. ehall534
    , -0001-11-30

    I am only10and I did it

  5. John Hasson
    John Hasson
    , -0001-11-30

    Good man, thanks for taking the time!

  6. ali z
    ali z
    , -0001-11-30

    you kill me man …

  7. SuperEpicTimmy
    , -0001-11-30

    you kno its hard when he literally get down on his knees to do press ups

  8. victorJ2050
    , -0001-11-30

    you got my head spinning, no kidding, but I’ll be alright. my abs are on fire and I’m breathing fast. my fat will be the thing of my past .

  9. rekha kumar
    rekha kumar
    , -0001-11-30

    I like that.. am doing

    , -0001-11-30

    Superb man !
    I liked it very much !

  11. J O Y Teodoro
    J O Y Teodoro
    , -0001-11-30

    Just did this today with you! Yes! Thank you!

  12. edward nyirenda
    edward nyirenda
    , -0001-11-30

    didn’t know how physically unfit I was until I tried this workout.. only did round one.. but ain’t quitting it’s only the first try.

  13. Caroline Larkin
    Caroline Larkin
    , -0001-11-30

    Fab workout. I’ve just started doing your workouts each morning before work, it has made a MASSIVE difference to my lung functionality (I’m asthmatic), I don’t feel exhausted by the end of the day, if I start my day with one of your workouts. THANK YOU for inspiring me to get my old fit body back.

  14. Mailin Torres Lias
    Mailin Torres Lias
    , -0001-11-30

    hermosa rutina uffff fulll

  15. Josh Nevard
    Josh Nevard
    , -0001-11-30

    thanks man

  16. Screaming On Edge
    Screaming On Edge
    , -0001-11-30

    I’m gonna try this tomorrow… nice knowing you YouTube…

  17. Ailsa Sanders
    Ailsa Sanders
    , -0001-11-30

    AMAZING!!! Just did the 20 Minute Fat Burning HIIT & Abs – a really tough one, but completed it. After one week of following The Body Coach, I’m feeling so much fitter and I can see my stomach muscles again. Thanks Joe!!!! 🙂

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Comments are closed.